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 Mabuhay to the Philippines


02/14/2014 | First release of ItinApp :Itinerary Philippines

FREE application to prepare your itinerary in the Philippines !


Dream holidays to the Philippines aims to give you tips how to spend a wonderful vacation to the Philippines.

The various tourist attractions to be seen, legislation, transportation, budget, itineraries, … All you need to know before you go there. This site doesn’t pretend to compete with professional tourism’s websites. It is mainly made to give you the desire to discover the country.

Currently, the site is a bit hollow but I’ll add more content, tourist spots and details in my spare time and depending on my motivation. Encouragements and advices are welcome 🙂

I’m developing an application to provide you the best itineraries available to visit and enjoy the most famous spots of the Philippines. The province of Luzon, where Manila is located, is almost done with the main cities to visit. Hope one day, the application ItinApp will cover the 7,107 paradisaical islands of the Philippines.

Later on, ItinApp will propose you some interesting accommodations on the way of your itinerary. This is the time where I’ll need feedback from travellers in order to add those accomodations.

The data entry is still ongoing regarding the different existing legs. You can take a look on itineraries available here : project ItinApp or try what’s available in the application itself : calculate your itinerary

Feel free to add my feed to be informed about news on the site.

If you have any questions, comments, … Just send me an email via the contact form.


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