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Baguio City, the “Little America”

August 8, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

map of Baguio

map of Baguio

A law was passed in June 1903 making Baguio “The Summer Capital of the Philippines.” The hotels here stay booked because of the cool crisp year around weather in this beautiful city on the northern Luzon island. No travel itinerary to the Philippines would be complete without a picturesque memory of the peaceful city of Baguio nestled in a valley between breathtaking pine covered mountains. The favorite modes of transportation into Baguio are via plane from Manila or there is hourly bus service leaving Manila also. Upon arrival at the airport just 5 kilometers from the city center, taxi’s may be hailed for the trip into the city.

An Interesting History

Baguio City is the design of American premier architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. You really should check off at least four days and three nights in your journey planner to spend in this enchanted valley with the clear blue morning skies, mysteriously foggy afternoons and romantically chilly evenings. Your travel itinerary should definitely include places of historical interest like Burnham Park and Camp John Hay. Be amazed by the beauty of an area that has suffered massive destruction not just once but twice in history. In 1945, the town was nearly destroyed by bombs in WW11. From 1946 to 1990 this piney paradise was the major Philippine tourist attraction. On July 16 1990, the city was devastated once again by a major earthquake. Even still there are parts of history that remain unflawed by the destruction.

“Little America” Baguio City to the Philippines”

If you are still wandering about what to do in Baguio, you may want to plan your itinerary for your trip around the time of year that you want to travel. There are festivals and events that come and go with the seasons. Baguio has patronized country music and American football for years. This city has acquired many names that could be attributed to the pleasure people find in visiting here. To the Pilipino people who could not take the time off to go abroad, Baguio became “Honeymoon Haven” during the quiet, romantic months of January, June, July and August. During these months the city is perfect for curling up in front of the fire and just being in love.

Baguio houses

Baguio houses

City of the Pines, Nature, Culture, Food, Adventure

There is just so much to be said about this city that I will advise you once more, set aside some time for enjoyment here when planning your travel itinerary. Breathe in the Pine scent in the fresh crisp mountain air, have your charcoal portrait done by a friendly village artist, relax and take time for romance. By the way, there are so many reasons that Baguio came upon the name “Little America” and most of the residents here understand English better than their national language of Tagalog.

How to get to Baguio City

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