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Bislig, waterfalls city

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City By the Bay

Map of Bislig

Map of Bislig

Bislig City Philippines is called a “City by the Bay. ” Located in the province of Surgao del Bislig SignSur, Mindanao, most of Bislig’s land mass occupies the scenic bay facing the Pacific Ocean. Do some careful research when deciding what you wish to do while in Bislig for your journey planner. Although Tinuy-an Falls is the highlight of a travel itinerary, there are so many scenic adventures here to take part in. The story behind the city’s name is very interesting reading just in case you are excited about your upcoming trip . The name comes from a vine of the rattan family that grows in abundance along the banks of its river. The amazing part of the story is discovering why it is considered to be a symbol of strength.

How to Plan a Journey for Bislig

Bislig City is a perfect travelers captivating hideaway for a dose of swimming, snorkeling and tons of fun in the sun. Fresh seafood’s, lobster, shrimp, sea urchins, giant clams and mud crabs are found in abundance. Mouth watering roast pig is a delicacy of Bislig not to be missed in planning your travel itinerary. Crab inspired costumes are dawned for the annual Karawasan Festival. The colorful event is an expression of the peoples thanksgiving for an abundance of gifts and blessings. Ethnic street dances and inspiring tribal music fill Heritage Park each September as Bisliganos imitate the movements of crabs.

A City Blessed With Abundant Natural Attractions

Tinuy-an falls

Tinuy-an falls

The City By The Bay also known as the easternmost city of the Philippines is home to numerous breathtaking waterfalls and the most prominent of those is Tinuy-an falls known as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines. It will also be important to make time to visit Delot cave when charting your travel itinerary. The latest awesome attraction in the area worth including in your journey planner is manmade Lake 77 just a couple of minutes ride from the falls.


How to get to Bislig

When planning your travel itinerary for a trip to Bislig City, there are many convenient routes to consider. If traveling from Manila or Cebu to Davao city as your transit point, the trip can be made via air into Davao City with several trip schedules to choose from daily. From Manila the air trip is approximately 1 1/2 hours. The Cebu to Davao trip takes around 45 minutes travel time. From the airport in Davao, a taxi may be hailed for the bus terminal where air-conditioned vans or busses make the 5 hour journey in regular trips Tourist itinerary in the Philippinesdaily.

When flying from Manila or Cebu to Butuan City as a transit point, there is currently air travel available three times per week. Much of the trip is the same however the van or bus ride is a three hour trip. Vans and busses leave both cities for Bislig as early as 2 am. Sea travel is available via Manila – Butuan or Cebu – Butuan routes for those who enjoy the leisure of the water. ways.

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