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Bohol region

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Map of Bohol

Map of Bohol

Bohol Island is the main island of Bohol Province in the Visayas. When planning your travel itinerary for this area, keep in mind that the region boasts one of the natural wonders of the Philippines and is often known as the Jewel of the Philippines. The rolling, hilly terrain is about 50 percent covered with limestone. The place, unlike the northern part of The Visayas and Luzon is mostly unaffected by the typhoons that hit the country. This is a place that has a lot of tourist destinations. The island is located twenty five miles from Tagbilaran airport where several popular airlines provide accommodations daily. Bohol may be conveniently reached by air or boat and the ferry terminals are said to be well used.

Gods Little Paradise

When planning your travel itinerary to Bohol Island, keep in mind that it is rapidly becoming one of the top travel destinations in Asia. Because of the alluring and un-spoilt tropical ambience, it has become known as a paradise of simplicity. For the history buffs, the region was a venue for a national peace treaty called the Blood Compact. The treaty was between the island chieftain and a Spanish conquistador and involved the mixing of blood from both men to one cup that each sipped from. It is also home to the eighth president of the Republic of the Philippines. Boholanos refer to their distinctively oval shaped paradise as the Republic of Bohol with both conviction and pride. Panglao Island is rapidly gaining recognition as the second Boracay referencing the sandy white beaches and clean ocean waters which offer a warm welcome to tourists.

Ecotourism Highlights

The tarsier

The tarsier, smallest monkey of the world

Bohol is without a doubt a great tropical isle paradise belonging to the Philippines. Your travel itinerary should allow enough time to get the true feeling of restful peace and oneness with nature in Bohol. Some things to note in your Journey planner would definitely be Chocolate hills Bohol, The Tarsier, breath taking waterfalls , scenic natural sights, old houses, ancient churches, and white sandy beaches. Most travel brochures for Bohol display the world’s smallest monkey, clinging to a tree superimposed against a picturesque back drop of the 1001 cone shaped Chocolate hills. The Tarsier is generally smaller than the natural fist and measures 4 to 5 inches full grown. They have brown big eyes three times larger than any primates, hairless ears and long claws.

Boholano Culture

To the Boholano a fiesta is the highest form of expressing oneself. When planning your travel itinerary, keep in mind that the month of May is fiesta fever in Bohol and no day passes without being celebrated. Boholanos feel honored to be able to serve their visitors with the best of what they can offer no matter what their financial status is. People in Bohol are known to be thrifty, law abiding, hospitable, religious humble people. The majority of the people speak their native language of Boholano however, Cebuano. Tagalog and English are also spoken and understood. As mostly always noted in The Philippines, the people here are warm, friendly, fun loving and anxious to welcome all with open arms.

How to get to Bohol

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