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Cagayan De Oro, the golden river

April 23, 2014 Mary Towns to visit

Cagayan de Oro Map

Cagayan de Oro Map

Cagayan de Oro is located on the north coast of Mindanao and travel there is accessible by land, air and water. Travel by air is about one and one half hours from Manila. When planning your travel itinerary to Cagayan do Oro, please keep in mind that the area is the gateway to Northern Mindanao. This is a place where adventure, nature and city living intersect in a rich blend of diverse culture and art. Although travel by bus or ferry from Manila are relatively cheaper than air travel, these methods are considerably more strenuous. This busy typhoon free city is home to half a million inhabitants and known as the shopping capitol of Northern Mindanao.

The City In Bloom, Blossom and Boom

Cagayan de Oro is also known as the “City of Golden Friendship” and it is said of the people that endless smiles will welcome you as you experience the Kagay-anon hospitality. The city name is composed of Spanish words “de” and “Oro” meaning “of gold” and the word “Kagay” in reference to “river”. It is also said about Cagayan de Oro City that back in that time when the name was chosen, the river was rich with gold ores. When planning your travel itinerary for this area please note that mostly all of the activities in Cagayan de Oro are adrenaline pumping and breathtaking. Historical evidence shows that Cagayan De Oro and its surrounding area were occupied by people around 350 AD. Spanish arrived in the area around 1622 and the actual conversion to Christianity took place in 1626 when a young Fray Agustin de San Pedro baptized the leader, his family and then later his people .

Cagayan de Oro ” Paradise Philippines”

Rafting Cagayan De Oro River

Rafting Cagayan De Oro River

A travel itinerary may be carefully planned in order to suit all members of the family although the area is primarily acclaimed as a haven for ecotourism and adrenaline attractions. Cagayan de Oro is also known as the center of trade of Northern Mindanao . The shopping experience at Night Cafe is a Mecca for shopping addicts providing a section for food and one for dry goods. Of course while the “adrenaline junkie” will not usually stand still for shopping, a host of tourist attractions in and near Cagayan de Oro will provide endless excitement for all. You can experience the rapids of the mighty Cagayan de Oro River in white water rafting, kayaking and tubing designed to suit all levels of experience or seize the feeling of freedom and confidence while zip lining through the longest zip line in Asia. For the more tranquil at heart, the area has numerous peaceful waterfalls as well as caves that make up a marvelous natural tourist site offering the up most in rare beauty.

A Home of Especially Friendly and Warm Filipinos

kagay-an street dancing

kagay-an street dancing

Keep in mind when planning your travel itinerary, that the month of August presents the Kagay-an festival. This is a nearly two weak long carnival like celebration dedicated to the patron Saint San Augustine and is just a full blast party. Activities such as agricultural trade fares, cultural traditional street dancing, parades and competition may be enjoyed. Bisayan is the city’s main conversational language, with English well known and spoken for business, written text and by the academic community. Tagalog is the country’s national language and understood by most of the Filipino people. An excellent place to add to your travel planner would be the Museum of Three Cultures, a great cultural experience. As always warm smiles and kind friendliness are the custom of the Filipino people.

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