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Calesa rides around Vigan

September 28, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Vigan map

Map of Vigan

When planning your travel itinerary to the Philippines for a trip to the City of Vigan, there are many options available. By air, domestic flights via Sea Air leave Manila twice weekly on Fridays and Sundays at 2:30 pm for Vigan. Domestic flights leave Manila daily for Laoag City and you can then take a bus or van into Vigan. From the airport in Laoag the bus ride to Vigan is one hour and a half. If you plan to travel by land via bus for the entire trip, Partas Transit has the most comfortable and air conditioned transportation available. For an excellent mix of Spanish architecture and Asian – Filipino culture this trip will be well worth your time no matter what method of transportation you choose.

Fil-Hispanic City

The Philippines currently has three cultural sites and two natural areas inscribed on the World Heritage List. The city was named as a site illustrating heritage of the Philippines mainly because the town has been carefully preserved to show the fusion of old Asian and Spanish architecture. You will not run short of heritage museums here. Every strategically situated building paints a picture of yesteryear and also displays the future of a city. There is an abundance of picturesque and quaint spots that may be included as your suggested travel itinerary for Vigan Llocos Sur places to see. The architectural ensemble here shows that the town was the economic, religious, artistic and political center of this region

Calesa Rides Around Vigan

Calesa Vigan

Calesa in Vigan

In planning your travel itinerary, you may enjoy a very rare treat of taking a Calesa tour of this historic and beautiful city. Just be careful to make sure and look up the set price in advance or the Kutseros may try to overcharge you for the experience. They do love to haggle and are easily encouraged to accept the normal fee. These horse drawn buggies are everywhere in the town and the normal mode of transportation down the cobblestone streets. Your Kutsero will serve as your personal tour guide during a romantic carriage excursion of the area and even a few surrounding towns. All visitors to Vigan look for Calle Crisologo the moment they arrive there. This street was recognized as 1of the 8 Heritage Sites in the Philippines.

The Heritage City of the North

In your trip planner, you may want to research and jot down a few niceties in the local language of llokano. Simple phrases from good morning to how are you delight the local people in their native tongue. Tagalog is also spoken here and of course English. LLocos Sur blooms during the month of May with festivals all month long. A great time to plan your travel itinerary in Vigan would be during their week long Vigan City Fiesta concluding on January 25th. Although the people here are busy and industrious, they are also very warm and fun loving. This is a great time of year to pack lightly for your trip to The Heritage City of the North.

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