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Cebu City, Queen of the South

March 16, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Cebu map

Cebu map

Cebu Philippines is said to be one of those places where you may find a little more difficulty charting out your travel itinerary in the Philippines. There are simply so many selections of enjoyment possibilities to experience. The city is an ideal gateway for tourists to more than 7,000 islands. The International Port is the biggest and main seaport of entry in the Central Visayas Region. By water, a one way trip between Manila and Cebu is around 22 to 24 hours. Shipping lines sail into the town from all the key Philippine cities regularly. Of course air travel is direct into the city and a wide range of domestic flights are available from Manila as well as many other parts of the country. A trip to the Philippines would be an incomplete experience without this glimpse of the Country’s past.

Cebu City “Queen of the South”

Until 1937 Cebu City was nothing more than a town since its original founding in 1565. Thanks to the administrators of Cebu the city was steered to greater heights rapidly. The Cebu province is made of 5 cities with Cebu City as its capital. Many of the country’s most priceless historical relics and monuments can be visited here. It is endowed with a wealth of inviting natural attractions including : mysterious caves, rich marine life fit for diving, mountain trails for hiking and so much more. There are many attractions you will want to include in your travel itinerary while planning your Cebu Holiday. Most Filipinos have a great passion for their music and their boxing. One of the thriving industries in the place is guitar making. Visitors are usually welcomed into the factory gates to see the instruments being made and can even make a nice purchase at a competitive price.

A Vast Array of Historical and Natural Possibilities

Allow yourself time to take in several unique spots in Cebu. it will be hard to choose only a few attractions for your selection of tourism in island. Your travel itinerary should definitely include an opportunity to view the Taoist Temple said to be an unusual and peaceful place. Book an excursion on The “Yellow Submarine” in order to see the magnificent underwater life and coral formations. One University of Cebu, the University of San Carlos is the oldest school in the Philippines established by the Jesuits in 1565. For natural beauty and relaxation, plan a day at the beach in Cebu. Here it is possible to find a quiet, peaceful, secluded private beach with a crystal clear warm coral sea and romantic, starry nights.

The Cultural Center of the Province

Cebuanos set themselves apart from the customs in many other tropical destinations. They are well known for their warmth, hospitality, friendliness and resilience. They possess a deep sense of patriotism and make a point of being very gracious friendly hosts. This is also the cultural center of the province and an excellent choice for your Philippine travel itinerary.

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