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Coron Islands an underwater haven

June 22, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

coron map

Map of Coron

Coron Islands Philippines has a number of sites with white beaches and crystal clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling, shipwreck diving and deep sea fishing. Coron Island is the third largest in the Calamian Islands and can be found at the tip of Northern Palawan in the form of a wedged shape. By air the place which is sometimes referred to as Busuanga, lies one hour southwest from Manila. Flights may be booked with PAL Express, Cebu Pacific or Zest Air. Many schedules are available for planning your travel itinerary in the Philippines. You may arrive in town from the airport via jeepney or 12 seater van with air conditioning. By boat, the Super Ferry travels once a week from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron and back. The Ferry leaves Manila on Friday afternoon and arrives in the town early Saturday morning.

Coron Islands an Underwater Haven for Divers and Snorkelers

The Tagbanua Tribe of Coron Island of Palawan is the legal recognized owner of the island and its surrounding waters. The tribe was issued a certificate of Ancestral Domain title. Tagbanua are one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines with first formal history beginning in 1521 with the docking of Magellan’s ships for provisions. They are believed to be possible descendants of the Tabon Man thus making them one of the original inhabitants of the Philippines. Coron is surrounded by Islands with granite rock formations. The area is a well known dive site for the many Japanese shipwrecks of World War 11. The expanse around the shipwrecks has rock formations which provide excellent snorkeling opportunities. If you plan any kind of water activity while visiting in the Philippines, then Coron should definitely be part of your travel itinerary. The water is often calm with visibility extending up to 80 feet in depth. Wreck dive sites can be found in water as shallow as 10 to 20 feet or as deep as 120 to 140 feet.

Island Hopping Around The Coron Loop

Coron Islands

Kayangan Lake

A great idea for your travel planner would be to do some island hopping given that the Calamianes group is made up of closely located islands. There are several local guides available who offer great island hopping tours. Coron has many of the most beautiful white sandy beaches of the Philippines which may be reached by boat from the main islands. If you have always wanted to go diving but have no license, there are certified instructors ready who are willing to do their best. If you find that you just love it, they will even deduct your scuba diving from the Open Water Course. For those of you who are not particularly water babies you may include a number of historical sites that are scattered around Coron and the surrounding area in your travel itinerary.

Commune with Nature in Coron

The Tagbannwa’s have a close relationship with the spirit world and this is the basis for their rituals, celebrations and dances. Their basic social unit is composed of their nuclear family including a married couple and their children. Of the people in Coron, it is said that once you include this memorable place in your travel itinerary that you will need to find the willpower to leave.

How to get to Coron Islands

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