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Dumaguete, City of Gentle People

November 9, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

map of dumaguete city

map of dumaguete city

The people sound sweet and undoubtedly they are mild mannered. You can visit them at The City of Gentle People, Dumaguete City.

About Dumaguete City

Negros Oriental Philippines is located in the Central Visayas region where Dumaguete City serves as the capital of the province. Dumaguete Negros Oriental is popular for its schools which make it as the “University Town.” One of its famous schools is the Siliman University which is the oldest American Academic Institution in the Philippines. There are also primary and secondary schools in the city as well as colleges. Vocational and trade schools also present.

Where to stay

Backpackers, both local and foreign tourists, include Harold’s Mansion in their list for their accommodation. One reason is its proximity to the airport and its free pick-up service from the airport. If you want to stick in your travel itinerary in the Philippines by not wasting your time in commuting, call the mansion’s staff a day before your arrival.

The HoneyComb Tourist Inn is a budget hotel providing an excellent room service. If you like the sea, book the room located in the second floor. If you want a luxurious stay, there are hotels in Dumaguete where you can book your accommodation including Mike’s Dauin Beach Resort, Atmosphere Resort, Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards and Hotel Essencia.

What to do

Your travel itinerary in Dumaguete may need a bit of careful planning as it has so many attractions in the city. One thing is for sure, you’ll get bored staying in the hotel although you can view the sea from your room. You can break the boredom by diving in any of the beaches located in Apo Island. You can also snorkel in the visible underwater located around the rock formations. Expect to see different kinds of fishes which will swim with you. If you’re into a more physical water activity, rowing at Lake Balanan is the best for you.

If you want to hype the challenge, ride “The Rush” at Tierra Alta. The zipline will surely give you some adrenaline rush. But if you’re into the romantic side, this is the place to bring your special someone for some intimate conversation while watching the city under the night sky. If you come with your family or friends camp out at Mount Talinis and explore Lake Nailig and Lake Yagumyum.

Dumaguete St. Catherine of Alexandria Church

Dumaguete St. Catherine of Alexandria Church

Catholic religion and tradition is also observed in the city. If you exercise the same faith, you must add this activity in your travel itinerary. The city offers Buglasan Festival which is expected to be festive with its loud drum beats and dance. You can also say a prayer at the oldest stone church in Negros, St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, and be amaze with its architecture. If you want a more secluded place, Antulang beach resort will help you heal your soul.

Rizal Boulevard is another place to include in your travel itinerary. According to stories, Dr. Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero, walked here before he was exiled in Dapitan which is a neighboring island. A walk at the beachfront promenade is best enjoyed with the exotic “balot” especially at night. But if you’re not yet ready to try the fertilized duck embryo, visit Sans Rival and take a bite of Silvanas.

How to get there

Check Itinerary holidays Philippines

Manila to Dumaguete City by air

You can reach Dumaguete City in an hour and 10 minutes via direct flight by the two airlines from Manila.

Manila to Dumaguete City by sea

The cheaper way to reach Dumaguete City is by sea from Manila port but with a travel time of 36 hours.


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