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El Nido, A Little Paradise

April 13, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Looking For Inspiration? Visit El Nido

Map El Nido

Map El Nido

Alex Garland, famous author of “The Beach” wrote his award-winning novel while living in El Nido. He was believed to have been inspired by the secluded secret beaches. Many gain inspiration and a sense of tranquility from the impressive landscape and laid back lifestyle here. The location is excellent for movies and television. When planning for your travel itinerary in the Philippines, try to imagine a paradise of stunning views that are more magnificent than pictures. The Philippine government has sanctioned the entire area of as a managed resource protected area. Fossils and burial sites have dated existence of life here back to the late Neolithic age or even up to 22,000 years ago. El Nido’s pristine beauty remained hidden from the world until about 1979 when a sea mishap occurred in Bacuit Bay involving a disabled Tuna line.

Unforgettable El Nido Experience

According to most visitors who travel to El Nido in Palawan, it is the relative isolation, scenic landscape and crystal clear waters that attract and fascinate most travelers to visit and re visit here time and again. Island hopping boats can be booked from any resort and is the easiest way to see Bacuit Bay. When planning your travel itinerary, keep in mind that these boats normally take in 4 to 5 islands in one day and carry 6 to 12 people. The trip normally includes a good lunch. For a stress free vacation, several tips and suggestions can be considered for your El Nido travel packages.

A Little Piece Of Paradise

Devote as much time to El Nido Palawan as possible when planning your travel itinerary. This trip will be one of your most memorable Philippine highlights and you will long to return. Discover many hidden gems and treasures with each and every day of your visit. There are a few things to keep in mind for your travel planner here so make certain to do a good research. Seafood is the local specialty although there are many excellent tourism restaurants in town. The electric power is sure to be available between 2pm and 6am and a number of bars offer many genres of entertainment. There are no banks and no telephone lines so most communication is via mobile phones. Make plans to relax and enjoy this haven for nature and culture.

How to get to El Nido

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