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Enjoy the delicacies of Bacolod City

February 6, 2014 Michelle Towns to visit

Map_Bacolod_CityBacolod City is another place to add in your travel itinerary in the Philippines. Tagged as the “City of Smiles,” the locals imbibed the feature of the city which is very contagious especially when you visit the province during the Masskara Festival in October. The thanksgiving feast is a declaration by the people that whatever hardship they will encounter, they will fight, survive and achieve victory.

About Bacolod City

The city of Bacolod is the capital of “Negros Occidental” having an abundant rainfall and a cool climate. The city’s name is an Ilonggo word “bakolod” which means “stonehill.” Apart from Ilonggo, most of the people speak Cebuano.

Sugar_canneThe major industry of the city is mostly focused in the production of sugar. Being the “Sugar City in the Philippines,” sugarcane plantations are highly visible in the area. The city also grows rice and coconut while livestock industry, pottery and fishing are also the means of livelihood of the locals.

The city has several TV stations and radio stations which air in two languages such as Filipino and English and the dialect Hiligaynon. Sun Star Bacolod, atabloid newspaper which circulates every day,is a city newspaper of Sun Star which is based in Cebu City.

Where to Stay

Smile is everywhere in Bacolod and you will experience this in all of the hotels in the city. Boasting 52 rooms and suites, the Sylvia Manor hotel is a perfect venue to stay for both leisure and business travelers. It is the first and only boutique hotel that you will find in the city which will give you a satifaction in terms of service unique to the locals, Negrense.

What to do

There are several Bacolod tourist attractions that you will enjoy in your travel itinerary. The first on the list is the Balay Negrense which you’ll pass by from the airport going to the city proper. It is an ancestral house of a sugar baron who lived in the 19th century which functions today as a museum. The rooms of the house have large windows and a very high ceiling. The well-ventilated house is accentuated with the antique furnitures which complements the house.

The Ruins is another house by the rich couple Don Mariano Lacson and Maria Braga. The Ruins Bacolod CityHowever, their mansion has no interiors as the only thing left is the beautiful framework of the house. Located outdoor is the lush green garden and artistically designed fountain.

There are many restaurants in Bacolod offering sumptuous main course and delectable desserts. The famous Bacolod food is the Chicken Inasal which is made from grilled chicken with a distinct orange color. The Chicken House offers the authentic Chicken Inasal garnished with garlic chips and inasal oil on top and served with garlic rice.

Chicken_InasalThe all-chicken restaurant does not offer any sweet treats but Calea makes sure that you will experience in your travel itinerary what the sugar capital really offers. This pastry and coffee shop offers a vast selection of cakes including a rainbow colored cake, cheesecake, caramel cake and an apple cake.

You’re travel itinerary will help you to enjoy you vacation in the city but wearing a smile always will make it more enjoyable.

How to get there

Getting to Bacolod by bus from elsewhere in the province is smooth and easy as there is little chance of congestion on the roads.Arriving by bus from other provinces is also possible; you can use the so called RoRo which means Roll-on and Roll-off. Note: During Holy Week, Christmas and New Year, often buses are cramped, delayed and overloaded it’s advisable to avoid traveling by bus during the Holy week and the Christmas season.

Check Itinerary holidays PhilippinesManila to Bacolod by Air

Daily flights in Manila are available with direct flight to Bacolod-Silay Airport which will take around 45 minutes. Buses and taxis are readily available in the airport’s vicinity.

Manila to Bacolod by Sea

Book your trip with large shipping lines for a safer and relaxing trip as it usually takes 18 hours to reach Bacolod from Manila. Also, there are Ro-Ro buses that you can ride which will roll-on-roll-off the ports.

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