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Donsol, Experience whale sharks

April 20, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

Map of Donsol

Map of Donsol

A carefully-thought travel itinerary in Donsol, Sorsogon is a must so you’ll be able to meet the migratory visitors of the province. An amazing dive with dolphins is easily available as several water parks in the country offer it all year round. However, a swim with whale in Donsol is a different thing.

About Donsol

Donsol was a sleeping agricultural and fishing town of Sorsogon before the school of whale sharks was first spotted in the area. Its nearness to the shore, about one kilometer, provides a perfect view for divers and non-divers. Apart from the whale sharks’ proximity to the shore, another key factor for the generation of more visitors and income in the town is the continued support of WWF-Philippines in conserving the whale shark in Donsol. From the 867 visitors in 2002, Donsol is presently receiving an average of 25,000 visitors every summer. In 1998, the local government only receive P4,000 as yearly revenue but the improvement of tourism grew to P4.6 million per year.

Where to stay

Make sure that when you make your travel itinerary in the Philippines you book your accommodation in advance. Always remember that the whale shark season is the busiest time of the year. The ancestral-inspired Giddy’s Place features four types of rooms with modern amenities such as cable TV and WiFi. Facilities including restaurants, bars and spas are open for an enjoyable stay. Its location is accessible for the whale shark interaction and other activities.

Casa Bianca boasts its villa-inspired rooms as well as the suites, both air-conditioned and have hot and cold pressurized shower. The villas are best for group occupancy featuring private balcony and individual bathroom. The suites feature amenities including bathrooms, bathtubs, TV and DVD player. The double occupancy suites have verandas offering the picturesque view of the ocean.

What to do to Donsol

Swim with the Butanding! Whaleshark is popularly known with this name especially to the locals. You just need snorkeling gears to swim with the largest fish in the ocean. If swimming is not for you, rent a boat and wait for the Butanding to swim along in your boat ride.

Whale sharks are not the only sea creature that you will enjoy in your travel itinerary. Manta Rays are also present in the diving sites of Ticao Island which is an hour and a half boat ride from Donsol. One main area of Ticlao Island is the Manta Bowl Shoal known as the Manta Ray capital of the country. San Miguel is another diving site which is a 45-minute boat ride from Manta Bowl.

Travel itinerary in the town is not only about water activities. It also offers firefly watching in Donsol River. Devotees of Blessed Mother Mary can visit The Grotto which is a pilgrimage site located on top of a hill.

How to get to DonsolCheck Itinerary holidays Philippines

By land

You can travel to Sorsogon either via Sorsogon City or Legazpi City. Buses bound from Manila to Sorsogon takes 12 hours while buses bound from Manila to Legazpi City takes 10 hours. Ride public vans or rent private vans bound to Sorsogon in Legazpi terminal.

By air

From Manila, you can book an hour flight to Legazpi City. Taxis are available that will take you to Donsol, Sorsogon.

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