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Have fun to Angeles City

March 23, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

Map Angeles City

Map Angeles City

The first thing in mind when planning a travel itinerary to the Philippines is to consider the entertainment that your chosen destination offers. At Pampanga Philippines, there is a particular city that boasts the ideal entertainment scene where partying is experienced until late at night. The Pampanga city is located in Angeles Pampanga which is also known as the “entertainment capital” of the Philippines.

About Angeles City

Angeles City is categorized as a highly urbanized and first class city. It was a former base of the United States outside its continent which is also its largest military facility. However, due to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, the military base was pulled out. During this time the city is greatly dependent on the American base. After 2 years of battling in the city’s loss of income, the ash deposits from the volcanic eruption was removed then the former military base was re-emerged. It was the re-emergence of Clark Special Economic Zone that generates the income for the city. Different business industries including tourism, aviation, fitness, leisure, gaming center and leisure later on sprang up.

In the March – April 2008 issue of Money Sense Magazine, the city ranked 15th as one of the “Best Places to Live in the Philippines.”

Where to stay in Angeles City

If you want an extraordinary stay in Angeles City, the Angeles Beach Club Hotel (ABC Hotel) is the one that will match your needs. Using the tagline “You only live once,” this hotel offers high-end accommodation from affordable to the most expensive suite. Your travel itinerary must definitely include the most comfortable and the most luxurious accommodation which are provided through the hotel’s amenities. The amenities may include XXL king-size beds, steam baths, party Jacuzzis, champagne chillers, office rooms, private garden with pool and free wireless internet routers.

The city also offers the Fields Plaza Suites which is a condo-hotel featuring the trendiest design and most luxurious accommodation beating the other condo-hotel. It features special 2-bedroom suites, fully-equipped kitchens and separate grand living-rooms. It also features outdoor facilities such as large balconies with Jacuzzi hot tubs, gardens and sundecks.

Several budget lodges are also available for budget travelers.



  1. Angeles Beach Club Hotel (ABC Hotel)
  2. Fields Plaza Suites

What to do in Pampanga

The entertainment scene of the city happens mostly in over 100 bars which makes the night busy. During the day, you can immerse yourself in the cultural background which is a must in your travel itinerary.

There are several Pampanga houses such as the Old Pamintuan Residence, Founder’s House, Bale Herencia and Miranda House. The Old Pamintuan Residence was the venue of the 1st Anniversary of Philippine Independence celebration. The Founder’s House was the oldest structure which was built in 1824. The materials used came from an older house built in 1811. It is also the best-preserved house located in the city. Bale Harencia was built in 1860 which was originally used as a residence. Later on, it was used a Cathechism school and an office of town councilor. Before it became a venue today for art exhibits and formal events, it was a mini-casino and it was transformed as a commercial establishment. The Miranda House was made of wood and stone which served as the headquarters of the Revolutionary Government’s retreating forces.

Another house to be included in your travel itinerary is the Nepomuceno Ancestral House which is popularly known as Camalig. Today, it is a restaurant serving Armando’s pizza in a winnowing basket.

Add to your Pampanga tourism the church visitation at Holy Rosary Parish Church which was formerly used by US Army as a military hospital. Museo Ning Angeles is the center of the city’s history where exhibits are displayed.

How to get thereCheck Itinerary holidays Philippines

Manila to Angeles City by air

Direct flights from the airport in Manila will bring you to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. Angeles City is 5 km away from the airport but a taxi or bus can bring you to the city.

Manila to Angeles City by land

You can ride buses bound to Angeles City which will only take up to 2 hours.

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