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Island Hoping in Hundred Islands

May 21, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

Map Hundred Islands

Map of Hundred Islands

If you want an island hopping experience, plan your travel itinerary to Hundred Islands.

About Hundred Islands Pangasinan

Hundreds Islands of Pangasinan is composed of 124 islands and islets spread along the Gulf of Lingayen covering more than 1,800 hectares of land area. Based on the locals, the mother island of the islands and islets is the town of Agda. The Hundred Islands has three developed Islands including the Children’s Island, Quezon Island and Governor Island.

Where to stay

The three islands accommodate different kinds of tourists according to their group size and budget. Your journey planner must take note that the Governor’s Island is for bigger group size, Children’s Island is for the frugal tourists while the Quezon Island host the most luxurious accommodation, the PBB House.

Resort at Hundred Islands

Resort in Hundred Islands

What to do

Start your trip to hundred islands by registering in its Tourism and Registration Office in the Lucap Wharf. Part of your travel itinerary is renting a boat because this is the best way to reach the different islands.

Governor’s Island is the entry point of your island hopping travel itinerary. It is the largest among the three islands although power line is not available. The only source of power in the island is a generator. The entire view of Hundred Islands is perfectly visible in this island but going up a hundred steps is necessary to see the 360 degrees spectacular view.

The Quezon Island is popular for the beaches where swimming is enjoyed. The beaches feature clear water perfect for snorkeling. The Children’s’ Island is really a child-friendly island as the sea level reaches the chest level in its highest. The shallow water of this island also allows you to snorkel.

Before cooling down from the physically demanding activities dive or swim at the Imelda Cave or walk in the whitest sand in the islands located in Marcos Island. If you’re with friends suggest to them to bring something to grill in the island. Grill your favorite meat or seafood while catching up stories with your friends.

Your travel itinerary in the islands must be between the months of November and April but the dry season is much preferred. Snorkel sets are available for rental but bringing your own so you can save some cash. Some of the islands have convenience store but bringing your own food will make your expenses lower. A night trip is preferable so you can start the island adventure early. Wearing lightweight clothes will make your adventure comfortable. Always bring water especially during summer to avoid dehydration.

How to get thereCheck Itinerary holidays Philippines

Manila to Alaminos by Land

Ride a bus bound to Alaminos and get off the city proper. Look for the LUCAP Terminal as the tour to Hundred Islands is available here.

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