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Itinerary calculation tool

April 2, 2012 julien Itinerary

What to do, what to visit during my three weeks vacation in the Philippines ?

This is one of the questions we encounter most on the forums. There are so many places to see, to discover that it becomes difficult to make a choice on where to start, where to go and especially how to plan your trip.

Not easy to plan our stay at a distance, forums are very useful and users of these forums are very helpful but often hours need to be spend to check and confirm the various information collected in order to complete our plan for holidays.

I got the idea to propose a route planning tool.
Initially, this tool will only indicate the cost and the average travel duration for each itinerary with the various steps and means of transport. In a future release, available information will be : contacts for transportation’s companies, activities or accommodations.
And the last feature that will come much later, will be able to offer various holiday ideas by indicating the total duration of your vacation in the Philippines.

I am not a WEB developer so this project may take some time but I am sure that this tool might interest a lot of us, both tourists and expats in the Philippines.

So if you have knowledge in the field of web programming (PHP and MySQL) and you feel like giving me a hand, it will be very welcome 🙂
Even if you know nothing about programming your help will be most useful. Once the itinerary calculation tool is complete, I will need to do some data entries in the database with information about the cost and travel time between two points and your experience will be very helpful.

I will give some news about the project’s progress from time to time.
I do this in my spare time for fun so I set myself a good six months before to get an itinerary calculation tool that begins to hold water.

Get your itinerary, give a try to our current version of Itinapp for free :

Tourist itinerary in the Philippines

Project itinerary calculation

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