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Laguna Province

November 18, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

map laguna

map laguna

If you are thinking a travel itinerary to the Philippines outside Manila, a two-hour bus ride will bring you to the province of Laguna. The province is popular of its lake, Laguna de Bay, which is one of the only 18 living lakes existing in the world today. Being a living lake and Asia’s 3rd biggest lake, it provides livelihood to the people in the province as well as a fresh water source.

About Laguna

Laguna Philippines boasts clean air as it is situated in foothills of three mountains. Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw are among the mountains that brings fresh air as well as fertile soil and tourist attractions.

The province is composed of 4 cities and 26 towns which showcased specialty products according to the livelihood of the people. Santa Cruz is the province’s capital which has been the seat of the provincial government for over 128 years. The town of Los Baños is tagged as “Special Science and Nature City of the Philippines,” Luisiana as “Little Baguio of Laguna” and Pagsanjan as “Tourist Capital of Laguna.

Paete is the town’s home for woodcarving and papier mache, Pakil as the home of the St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church, Magdalena as the home of the famous St. Magdalene Church and Pangil as home of the “Hidden Falls.”

Each city and town has its own resort but if your travel itinerary includes a natural spring resort, visit Calamba City. Spring resort in Laguna is concentrated in this city, particularly in Pansol. Calamba City is the “Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines.”


You can find different hotels located in the different cities and towns including The Green Glass Boutique Hotel in Calamba, El Cielito Inn Sta. Rosa and Paseo Premier Hotel both in Sta. Rosa, Tahanan ni Aling Meding Hotel in San Pablo and Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort in Pagsanjan.

What to do ?

Laguna de bay

Laguna de bay

The hot springs in Laguna includes C3Y Villa Private Hotspring Resort, Agua Caliente Hot Spring Resort, Monte Vista Hotsprings & Conference Resort, Rockpoint Hotspring Resort-Hotel & Spa, Doña Jovita Garden Resort, Plums Resort and Wonder Island Resort

There are also Laguna spas which offers health benefits including the R&R Resort Spa which is equipped with hydrotherapy jets flowing out of the medicinal sulfuric hot springs. The complex features air conditioned cabanas as well as comfortable rooms. The Asian-inspired Royal Garden Spa features an expansive 1,160 square meters area which can accommodate up to 100 visitors. Licensed therapists provides Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai massage as well as reflexology.

You will enjoy any spa at Laguna as it offers different service that will suit your needs. But if you want to explore more of the province, visit some other towns and cities and add to your travel itinerary the different tourist attractions. Amusement parks, local footwear shopping, famous brand outlet stores, underground cemetery and historical sites of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, are among the places you can visit.

If you are looking for delicacy and wondering if there is some sort of Laguna blue cheese, unfortunately you’ll find nothing. But its popular “Kesong Puti” or white cheese is a better alternative to the common cheddar cheese. The cheese is similar to a cottage cheese which is freshly made from unskimmed carabao’s milk. It has a salty taste which matches with the local bread pan de sal.

How to get there ?

Manila to Laguna by land

There are many buses in Manila which is bound to Laguna. There are specific routes which will bring you to your desired city or town. If you’re already in one city like Calamba and you want to add a travel itinerary by visiting other towns and cities, you can ride a jeepney or tricycle to explore more of the province.

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