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Relax to Pagudpud

March 3, 2016 Mary ItineraryTowns to visittrips and stays

Map Pagudpud - Ilocos Norte

Map Pagudpud – Ilocos Norte

As counting starts with number one, travel itinerary in the Philippines is best to begin by visiting Region 1. The region has several names but it is better that you remember its popular name such as Ilocos Norte and Ilocandia. If you’re into history this region have something for you. But if you love the water, visit Pagudpud as the beaches in Ilocos are concentrated here. Pagudpud is known for its white sand as well as crystal blue waters.

About Pagudpud

The secluded paradise of Pagudpud is geographically located at the tip of Ilocos Norte which is bounded by the Cordillera Mountain Range in the east and by the town of Bangui in the south. Its coastal layout is surrounded by the South China Sea in the western and northern area. The town’s economic resources come from farming yielding rice, coconut and vegetables while shrimps and fishes are its major marine sources. The town also uses a Mini Hydro Plant coming from Manobog Falls.

Where to stay

In addition to your travel itinerary are the several resorts within the area which offers high-end to low-end accommodation. Top of the list is the Saud Beach Resort which is situated within a coconut plantation. This high-end resort is nature-inspired with floors that are made from wood and furniture made from bamboo. Contrasting the wood-designed resort is



the Villa del Mar which floors are made from stone and windows made from capiz-shell.

Apo Idon resort offers a travel itinerary perfect for couple. The stone-walled rooms matched with good lighting creates a romantic setting that you and your special someone will enjoy. If you want to propose and hear the precious “yes” from your girlfriend, bring her at Apo Idon.

If you’re a frequent visitor of the Ilocos Norte Beach, spend your vacation at Kapuluan Vista Resort. The design is more casual and modern compared to its nearby resorts. The frugal and hospitable people of Ilocos Norte know how you value your earnings. That’s why there are affordable resorts that will fit your budget. The most popular is the Terra Rika Beach Resort (BOOK NOW) which has a restaurant within its area. The Polaris Beach Resort is another budget-friendly resort which is located at the same shoreline of Saud Beach Resort.

What to do

Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Falls

Pagudpud beach features golden white sand creating an immaculate appeal for the beach-lovers. Its beach offers a serene ambiance perfect for relaxation and maybe for reflection particularly at night. The beach is less crowded compared to Boracay because there’s no nightlife here. If you intend a travel itinerary that will keep you away from the loud music of the bars, this is the place to be.


You will enjoy swimming at Saud beach Pagudpud but its waves will tempt you to try surfing. Blue Lagoon is the best place to try your first surfing attempt. If the waves can’t convince you to try surfing, drop by Agua Grande where the waves hit the rocks or see the waves hit the cliffs at Bantay Abot cave. Trekking at Kabigan Falls is also a must-try when visiting Pagudpud.

How to get there

Manila to Pagudpud by Air

Laoag City, the region’s capital, is almost an hour away from Manila by air. From Laoag, you can ride the jeepneys serving the Laoag-Pagudpud route. Cagayan bound buses is another option to reach Pagudpud.

Clark to Pagudpud by land

If you’ll take your Pagudpud trip from Diosdado Macapagal Airport in Clark Field in Pampanga, you’ll need to take several rides by land before reaching Pagudpud. From the airport, ride a jeepney or shuttle bound to Dau Integrated Bus Terminal then take the Laoag trip. From Laoag, ride the jeepneys serving the Laoag-Pagudpud route. Cagayan bound buses is also another option to reach Pagudpud.

Spoil yourself in this beautiful attraction but don’t forget to follow your journey planner to maximize your vacation.Tourist itinerary in the Philippines

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