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Rice terraces of Sagada

June 17, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

sagada map

map Sagada

The two routes for travel to Sagada are Manila – Baguio – Sagada or Manila – Banaue – Sagada. Baguio lies on the northwestern side of Luzon while Banaue is situated to the northeast. Sagada is nestled in a valley along the Cordillera Mountain Range between the two. Although the trip to Sagada is a long journey, passing through the Philippines countryside is a great learning experience and a relaxing ride. This may also be an excellent time to share your travel itinerary in the Philippines with other travelers, or catch up on some rest for your Sagada trip. Sagada via the western or more developed side of Baguio City involves a 6 to 8 hour bus trip. The buses do run day and night. The daily bus trips from Manila to Banaue leave at 10 pm and takes 9 hours. Arrival in Banue is around 7 am.

The Philippine Version Of Shangri-La

Sagada is a popular travel itinerary for foreign adventurers. It marks a spot on almost every traveler’s bucket list as a remote and exotic mountain paradise. The air offers a fresh scent of mountain dew and pines that puts Sagada on every nature lover’s trip planner. This magical and hypnotic town is one of those exceptional places in the country where you should make plans to spend some extra time. You will have no trouble at all discovering what to do in Sagada. The area is rich in graceful rice terraces, beautiful waterfalls, magnificent caves, sparkling streams and a multitude of serenity for starters. Surprisingly, for a country that is 85 percent Roman Catholic, this community is predominantly Episcopalian.

Endless Adventures In Sagada

The Cordillera Mountains are among the great travel spots in the Philippines and should definitely be a part of your travel itinerary if you seek a place with peace and a serene atmosphere. The town has observed a 9 pm curfew for decades. The curfew was implemented during a period of armed conflict and was kept in place as a way of controlling public drunkenness. If you look like a group of noisemakers who may like to consume alcohol and raise the roof to the wee hours of the morning then you may find that there is no record to be found of your having made a reservation.

Unique Traditions and Warm People

Sagadans are among the warmest people of the Philippines. Although tourism is largely depended on for their livelihood, you will never be harassed into buying souvenirs or doing tours. The locals invite you to enjoy their town but are always ready to answer any questions you might have. Their warm demeanor just naturally spreads to others. It is quite normal to approach fellow travelers in restaurants to inquire about their day and their planned travel itinerary. Living in the land of dramatic mountains capes presents a very distinct difference in traditions and culture than the usual tropical paradise associated with the rest of the country. For example, ceremonial burial customs are quite unique. People with status have been awarded the right to be laid to rest on a hanging coffin. The coffins which rest dubiously on the sides of cliffs throughout the town are one of the main attractions.

How to get to Sagada

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