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Romblon, the marble capital

August 26, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

map of Romblon province

map of Romblon province

Want some marble? Plan your travel itinerary in Romblon. Popularly known as the Marble Capital of the Philippines, the province is definitely a surprise for travel enthusiasts as it features more than the industry it boast.

About Romblon

It’s a mountainous province with major products including rice, abaca and coconut. Apart from fishing and farming, the province is also famous in handcrafting and traditional weaving.

The province is divided into three major islands namely Tablas, Sibuyan and Romblon. Tablas is the largest among the three while Sibuyan is the second largest where the alpine class Mount Guiting-Guiting is located. Among the three, it is the most beautiful with its magnificent view of Mediterranean island. This little town is the country’s major source of marble.

Where to stay

Now you know a little background about the town, you may wonder, how is it like to stay in a marble house? This must be the easiest question on earth, stay in the Marble House. The Marble House is a lodging covered with marble inside and out.

A newly renovated townhouse-style Stone Creek offers the coziest accommodation located near the town’s capital while Parc Bay Mansion which is literally located near the bay offers the stunning view of the ocean.

What to do

Travel itinerary in the province is about immersion in its cultural heritage. List down in your journey planner the heritage treasure that Romblon offers. Buildings and bridges around the plaza will bring you back to the past as the elements of the old town remains intact. Municipio, Convento, church, old houses, Gabaldon schoolhouse, Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument and several colonial bridges are still present in the area.

Cathedral of St. Joseph is one of the old colonial churches in the country. Augustinian Recollects constructed the Baroque-style church in 15th Century. Romblon, Romblon has two forts such as Fort San Andres and Fort Santiago. The former was constructed to warn the people of the town during the Moro pirates’ arrival. The latter is located behind the church.

Beautiful beaches will complete your travel itinerary. The beaches are located at Carabao Island in Tablas, Romblon. There are two major beaches in the island such as San Jose beach in the east and Lanas beach in the west. The secluded beaches eliminate the festive atmosphere common to other beaches.

Marble shop

Marble shop

You may get excited to follow your travel itinerary in the Philippines and might forget to bring home something. Slabs of marble may be too heavy to pack in your baggage so the Freedom Park helps you solve this little problem. Several stores sell marble souvenirs which can be personalized through the engraving service the sellers provide.

How to get there

Manila to Romblon by air

Book a flight bound to Tablas Airport then take a ride bound to Odiongan Port. The ferries will take you to Romblon Island.

Manila to Romblon by sea

Take a ride in bus stations in Manila bound to Batangas. From here, take a ferry trip bound to Romblon. Batangas port is open daily.

Visit island of Romblon and enjoy your holidays in Philippines.

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