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Siquijor, the Island of Fire

April 26, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

map of siquijor

map of siquijor

When planning your travel itinerary in the Philippines, if you daydream of a place with peaceful white sandy beaches, a captivating blue sky, at a crystal blue sea with glistening white corals and a spectacular marine life, then you have found your paradise in Siquijor Philippines. This beautiful island has not yet been recognized as a sightseeing spot in the country and is less renowned than other Visayas locations. A flight from Manila to Damaguete City takes about one hour and a fast craft from here will get you to Siquijor in about one more hour. There is no direct flight to the island however, there is frequent passenger boat traffic to and from Dumaguete City, Cebu City and Tagibilaran on Bohol.

The Magical, Mystical Island of Siquijor

Boroboro curing

Boroboro curing

Among many names given to this small picturesque spot in the Philippines is “The Island of Black Magic.” The Island is both well respected and revered as the mystical Mecca of the Visayas. Each year both Filipinos and foreigners alike visit here for medicinal herbs. It is believed that “Boroboro” the Charm Master can cure sickness by using a bottle made of glass, straw and magical stones. Another name associated with this practice for the island is “The Island of Medicinal Herbs.”In planning your travel itinerary, you should set aside about 5 days if possible to relax and enjoy”The God’s Secret Island.” The average year round temperature is about 82 degrees with little difference in the day or night. You can count on a comfortable stay even without air conditioning.

Isla Del Fuego

The Spaniards called Siquijor the Island of Fire when they saw the eerie glow given off from the great swarms of fireflies that cluster there on the trees. Make notes in your journey planner that this is an island where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset and see the night magically re light. Keep in mind when planning your travel itinerary that there are no big resorts on the island. One resort in Coco Beach is about 42 rooms for couples, families and groups. Coco Grove Beach Resort has a price tag that is on the more expensive side but is well worth the money if you can fit it in the travel budget. There certainly is fire and magic in Siquijor alright and the charm here will never escape your memories.

The Legends and the People

The legend surrounding Siquijor says that the island rose out of the sea amidst thunder and lighting. Fossils and clams can be found in the highlands of the island’s interior to support this story. There is an abundance of enjoyable activities here to fill your travel itinerary. The island is very laid back and shy children greet you here with their warm friendly smiles. Local residents on the island have no need to work too much and enjoy what we would refer to as simple living. All of their basic needs can be found on the island. You will feel quite at home here in a charming and comfortable beach house on a Siquijor beach.

How to get to Siquijor

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