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The immense Davao

April 1, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Davao map

Davao map

When planning your travel itinerary to Davao Mindanao, you will find many interesting things to do and see. Tourism in Davao can be planned on a very meager budget and most importantly, Davao City is known as the most child friendly city in Southeast Asia. Davao International Airport has a broad range of security measures in place and has the capacity to accommodate more than one million passengers yearly. Upon arrival, transport into the city may be accomplished via taxi, arranging a vehicle for hire if you prefer to drive, or hotel airport pickup and delivery. An information center is set up at the airport which caters to the needs of visiting tourists. The airport receives international flights from other countries in addition to transport from other areas of the Philippines. Several land and sea options are available to suit all of your travel needs and preferences to and from the city as well.

The Immense City

Davao City in Philippines is, according to its land mass, considered the largest city in the world.

The seaside setting dotted with charismatic islands and brilliant coral reefs is a melting pot of indigenous tribal folks and migrant settlers from all over the country. This area paints a tapestry of assorted culture who coexist peacefully as Davaoenos and serves as a pleasurable addition to your Philippine travel itinerary. A very long time ago the ethnic tribes of the region joined at the foot of Mount Apo in a thanksgiving ceremony to Manama, the supreme being to express their gratitude for a bountiful harvest. Fruits, flowers, vegetables and farming implements were displayed on mats while song and dance rituals were offered in praise. This ceremony of Pahinungod has flourished and evolved today and is celebrated as an annual festival of thanksgiving.

The Door Step To An Excellent Island Hopping Adventure

Just outside Davao City, about fifteen minutes via pump boat you will find the beautiful Island garden city of Samal Island. Like so many of the white sand beaches and crystal water playgrounds in the Philippines, the island is not lacking in pure relaxation and enjoyment. In fact it is off the beaten path which is definitely a plus for planning a nights stay in your travel itinerary. This tropical, carefree, paradise is also accessible by bus, car or ferry with an e.t.a. of about seven minutes from Davao city. Send the day, diving, snorkeling, beach combing for sand dollars, playing with the children in the waterfalls or just relax and take in a giant breath of serenity.

The Beautiful and Bountiful Region of Davao

Whether your travel itinerary includes savoring the history of a culture or becoming one with nature, there are very few cities in the Philippines that offer as many attractions to the visitor as Davao. This region is among the most popular of the country’s established festive holiday destinations. The people are warm and very friendly as is the standard trademark in the Philippines. The taxi drivers in Davao are noted for their honesty and transportation is readily available to fine dining or shopping offered at fantastic prices. Schools in Davao offer a very diverse education system and the city is the education hub for all of Mindanao. A visit to Davao is a holiday in one of the most livable cities in Asia.

How to get to Davao

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