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Tourism in Clark

November 30, 2014 Mary ItineraryTowns to visittrips and stays

Map of Clark

Map of Clark

Travel itinerary guides in the Philippines are abundant in different travel websites and travel blogs. Browsing these sites are overpowering that may take a while for you to perfect your journey planner. Clark in Philippines is a perfect destination to help you decide where to begin your travel in the country.

About Clark

International_Airport_Diosdado_MacapagalThe metropolis is part of Pampanga province featuring highly improved road network. The town aims to be the business center of the province with aviation and tourism to be its major industry. The Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is the entry point of the nearby Asia Pacific countries such as Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other Asia’s key cities.

Where to stay

Your travel to Clark needs a relaxing accommodation which is exactly offered in the different hotel resorts including the Mimosa Resort, Asian Greenville Resort, Widus Resort and Casino and Holiday Inn Clark Philippines.

Mimosa Resort boasts 125 Mediterranean-inspired refurbished Montevista Villas which served as the past residence of US Airforce officers. The Asian Greenville Resort creates an ambiance of upper-class residence within a private community. Widus Resort and Casino features contemporary Asian-inspired rooms while Holiday Inn Clark Philippines offers a world-class accommodation.

What to do

nayong pilipino park

nayong pilipino park

The truth about visiting this place is that it confused you more than straightening up your decision in arranging your travel itinerary. This tourist destination offers more than pictures and dioramas that are appealing to the eyes as it features the one-of-a-kind Nayong Pilipino.
Nayong Pilipino resembles a museum showcasing the tourist attractions in the country. However, better bring your umbrella as you will not view the exhibits under the roof. Walking under the sun adds up in the ambiance like you’re really touring the country. Take your pictures in the smaller replicas of the famous churches, houses, volcanoes and other land formation such as the rice terraces. Your travel is not complete without water activity so better rent a small boat for a boat ride in the mini man-made lake.

ZoocobiaYou may want to add a zoo visit in your travel itinerary. Zoocobia and Paradise Ranch allow you to explore the beauty of nature and to educate yourself about the different animal species. Mini-lakes and small swimming pools are also available. Horses may encourage you to have a horseback riding in El Kabayo.

History is always a part of every travel itinerary. Of course, you would want to know the rich background of the town you’re visiting and the best way to do this is to visit a museum. The Clark Museum showcases exhibits including photographs, paintings, relics and posters describing the evolving history of the Freeport Zone. If you want bigger aircrafts, visit Air Force City Park where artifact relics of old fighter aircrafts are preserved. The park is also a picnic ground with a small playground where you can enjoy family bonding.

City Park Air Force

City Park Air Force

Clark Parade Grounds is the best venue for joggers while the Clark Picnic Grounds offers zipline. Swim at Fontana Water Park and explore a number of pools where you can match water activities that comes in your mind. Hot air balloon is another attraction of Clark.

How to get there

Tourist itinerary in the Philippines

Tourist itinerary in the Philippines

Manila to Clark by Land
Direct trips from the bus stations in Manila bound to Clark are available. Just make sure to check the schedule in advance to catch the trip. In case you miss the trips, buses bound to Dagupan as well as Angeles, Pampanga via Dau will still take you to Pampanga Clark. From Dau take a tricycle or jeepney ride in the highway bound to Clark.
For cheaper flights, book your flight at Clark airport Philippines or Clark’s Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. The airport opens its doors for international and domestic flights.


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