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Tourism in Batangas Province

July 12, 2013 Michelle Towns to visit

Map of Batangas

Map of Batangas

If you are a beach-lover you’ll definitely include in your travel itinerary in the Philippines any activity related to water. If you’re in Manila, Philippines, you just need a bus ride to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Boracay may be on the top of your list but following the alphabetical order, Batangas province comes first.

About Batangas

Apart from planning a travel itinerary, you might also learn some basic language of the country. You may include greetings like Good morning and Good evening and an expression of gratitude like Thank you. If you will visit the Philippines, the initial translation of these words will be in the Tagalog dialect which is the primary dialect in Manila. You say Magandang umaga for Good morning, Magandang gabi for Good evening and Salamat for Thank you. Tagalog is also widely spoken in Batangas. As a matter of fact, the province is called as the Heartland of the Tagalog language.

You might get confused because Tagalog is very similar to the Filipino language. We can safely say that the term Filipino is used for the international settings while Tagalog is used by the locals. Every province in the country has different dialects which serve as the country’s auxiliary languages. Tagalog has different variety as well. In Batangas, the particles “ga” and “eh” are included which you’ll never hear to a Manileño.

The province is recognized as one of the highest literacy rates in the entire country. The presence of Batangas university, college, international school and learning center is an indication of the province’s advocacy to bring its citizen to the level of literate and competitive individuals.

Where to stay

In Batangas City, Hotel Pontefino features modern amenities providing luxury accommodation. The 4-star hotel has 60 rooms offering a home-like comfort with comfortable beds, roomy bathrooms, reading chairs, writing desks, DVD players and flat screen television.

Club Balai Isabel also offers a home-style accommodation with the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake. Its lush greenery attracts nature-lovers to book their accommodation as well as couples for their wedding venue. It also offers different activities such as boat ride, kayaking and horseback riding.

If you are on a business trip, Lima Park is best suited for you. It features amenities and facilities intended to supplement their clients’ needs. A reliable and fast internet connection is provided as well as table and desk at the room for clients who arrange their documents. Suites have direct access to the pool and features amenities including mini kitchen with microwave oven and refrigerator. If you are on a leisure trip, you can also book your accommodation here.

What to do in Batangas

Bottle of lambanog

Bottle of lambanog

Resorts in Batangas include Portulano Resort in Bauan (diving spot), Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu (residential beach community) and The Farm at San Benito in Lipa City (wellness resort). Take note in your travel itinerary that you will find more beaches in Batangas San Juan. The town boasts white sand and corals and some caves. These include Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Hugom Beach, Acuatico Beach Resort, Balai sa Laiya, Acuaverde Resort, Blue Coral Beach Resort, Kabayan Resort and Laiya Coco Grove.

Different diving spots to include in your travel itinerary must include Anilao in Mabini, Batalan, Balayan Bay, Layag-Layag Reef, Cathedral Marine Park Sanctuary, Merriel’s Rock, Mapating Rock (Shark Cave), Sepok Point, Papaya Point, Caban Cove,Culebra Island and Mabalahibong Manok Island,Verde Island, Ligpo Island and Sombrero Island.

There are other activities to explore in Batangas such as wakeboarding, skimboarding, car racing and ziplining. The province has different golf courses including Calatagan Golf Club in Calatagan, Malarayat Golf and Country Club in Lipa City and Evercrest Golf Club Resort, Inc. in Nasugbu. There are also man-made parks to visit including the Plaza Mabini and the Laurel Park.

Before leaving the province, don’t forget to bring home a lambanog which is 90% proof liquor and the famous Kapeng Barako which is a Liberica species. You may also bring a fan knife which locally called balisong.

How to get thereCheck Itinerary holidays Philippines

Manila to Batangas by land

You can reach Batangas by riding buses bound to different towns and cities including Batangas City, Lemery, Nasugbu and Balayan. The travel time will take 2 to 3 hours.

If you want a fun summer getaway, visit any beach Batangas offers.


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