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Tourism in Puerto Princesa

March 9, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Map Puerto Princesa Palawan

Map Puerto Princesa Palawan

If you have ever daydreamed of booking and an affordable and fun filled adventure for the whole family then set your sites on a Pacific travel itinerary to Puerto Princesa Palawan. The magical thing about this city is that it has continued to keep its simplicity and manages to coexist with nature. Very Inexpensive air rates can usually be booked to the island. Getting around the city via motorized tricycle costs only about 0.25 per person. Department stores and fine dining facilities are right at your fingertips and if you have accommodations in the area you will arrive in no time with no worries. In fact, the entire Palawan Province has not been tainted by urbanization.

Spanish Conquest, Japanese Occupation and American Takeover

Experience the grandeur of nature in a laid back atmosphere and informality with which guests are greeted here. It is important to also understand the significance this uncrowned city plays as a part of Philippine history as a nation. The name Puerto Princesa is given for Princess AsunciĆ³n by Queen Isabella 11 of Spain after the untimely death of her daughter. Even as far back as 1894,Puerto Princesa in Palawan was recognized as one of the most beautiful towns in the country . During World War 11, significant war experiences took place here and the city fell under Japanese occupation. The town and the surrounding area have an exotic , colorful history with an abundance of exciting activities. Divided into two sections by mountains, Puerto Princesa is known to all as “The Cleanest and Greenest” city in the Philippines, Puerto Princesa Palawan will be a main travel itinerary attraction to experience.

The City In a Forest of Natural Wonder

When making travel itinerary decisions for your trip to Puerto Princesa attempt to set aside one day for each main adventure. When selecting your travel dates, make certain that you research what Fiesta and festival events are taking place within the city. Spend a day taking in the historical culture and natural landscape to be found at your fingertips.

The subterranean river, about 50 kilometers from the city is the most famous landmark of Palawan, just earned world recognition as one of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” The underground river in Puerto Princesa is, the most navigable and reputedly the most beautiful. Investigate all the natural beauty and attractions found in the area just within reach.

A Rich Legacy of Folklore and Traditions

The people of Puerto Princesa are made up of many indigenous groups, each having their own culture. They share however, a common bond of ethics as a warm and friendly people filled with pride at their national heritage. Each group shares a distinct system of beliefs and at least four different languages including English are spoken. One day planned in your travel itinerary to enjoy the cultural history in the city will be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.


How to get to Puerto Princesa

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