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Travel and Tourism in Luzon


Map of Luzon

Map of Luzon

When planning your itinerary for a trip to Luzon, keep in mind that the International airport at Manila is in this region and therefore all forms of travel to the Philippines is attainable at the best possible prices. When considering choices of transportation in the Philippines, there are a lot of cheap possibilities. Busses would be the best selection for long distance travel. For the shorter trips around the city, Jeepneys, multicabs and tricycles are the favorite method of mobility. While both the jeepney and multicab have fixed travel routes, the tricycle will bring you to any desired place. The northern island of Luzon is the only area in the country that has a railway where a comfortable, air conditioned ride may be enjoyed between Manila and Naga in the southeast portion of Luzon.

The Largest Island Region In the Philippines

Luzon is described as mountainous and often cloudy in the north, flat in the central plain with spectacular lakes and volcanoes in the southern region . It is the biggest and most important area in the Philippines, leading the country in both industry and agriculture. Central Luzon, contains the largest plain in the country and is commonly referred to as ” Rice Grainery of the Philippines.” An itinerary for a trip to Luzon would not be complete without a trek up to the aquamarine crater lake of Mount Pinatubo. Twenty years ago history was made when the site became known as “The sleeping giant who woke after 400 years and shook the world” Luzon was geographically altered from the eruption in 1991.

Pilipino Time

Holidays to the Philippines are filled with many fiestas, lights and a beautiful celebration of the Christ child. One spectacular site to include in your itinerary for a trip to Luzon is the sound and light show which takes place in the Manila tunnel. Plan to visit Luzon at Christmas time and celebrate ” Noche Buena ” where friends and family gather at midnight Christmas eve for an open house party. A few things that you will experience throughout Luzon and the Philippines that makes the Pilipino unique, would be the mix of Spanish Churches, American music and Chinese food. Where else could you visit a Korean Karaoke joint, an Irish pub or a Persian eatery if not on “Pilipino time”?

Luzon Philippines A Way Of Life

The Pilipino way of life is not something that can be captured with words ,but it is an experience that you will simply never forget. Pilipino people strongly value family ties. They are known across the globe for their hospitality and deep spirituality. Children are taught at an early age to have great respect for elders and often times, even into adulthood, they will live with or very near the family. Just relax when you plan your itinerary for a trip to Luzon and prepare for a wonderful experience. Practice a commonly used saying ” Bahala Na ” meaning come what may and prepare to enjoy some of the warmest people that you will ever meet.


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