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Travel and Tourism in Mindanao


Map of Mindanao

Map of Mindanao

Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippines covering about 95,000 square kilometers that can be viewed as large and bulky. Mindanao is the 19th largest island in the world and is greater in size than 125 countries. All of the Philippine domestic airlines provide service to most of the major cities . In addition, there is water transportation from Manila and several Visayan cities. When designing your itinerary for a trip to Mindanao, keep in mind that the territory is slightly more uncharted so good advise along with careful planning will result in a very enjoyable stay.

A Growing Tourist Attraction

Mindanao history dates back to around the 12th century where evidence of the Tasaday described as an early Stone Age people has been recorded. In the middle 14th century Islam spread from Milay and Borneo and Muslim communities were formed in the region. There are a few places in this region that are not considered safe for planning an itinerary for a trip in Mindanao. It is only a small portion of the area that is considered problematic leaving many spectacular places to visit safely. There are a significantly noticeable population of Muslims making up about 32 percent of the population at this time. Christians make up the majority of the region with a 63 percent ratio leaving a remaining 5 percent to other religious groups.

The Land Of Promise

Northern Mindanao is a progressive , politically stable and peaceful region. A travel itinerary for a trip to Mindanao would definitely bring to mind the great ” Fighting Pride of the Philippines” , Manny ” Pac Man” Pacquiao , native born to this region. Mindanao is filled with many heart pumping travel ideas. If deciding to take your holidays to the Philippines , this region is filled with colorful and exciting fiestas. Samal Island , Davao is one of the fastest growing Mindanao tourist attractions. Davao is the third most popular city in the country preceded by Manila and Cebu. Mindanao Philippines has long been considered the land of promise. The natural beauty and spectacular attractions found here are a perfect addition to any dream get away.

Mindanao – A Land Of Simplicity and Raw Beauty

The many cultures and traditions that make up the fabric of Mindanao can be seen in the continuous fiesta celebrations as well as the scenery and warmth of the people. Here people of different languages, races and tribes meet. Cebuano , Tagalog and English are widely spoken in this melting pot of breathtaking natural wonders and cultures. Keep in mind when making decisions in your itinerary for a trip to Mindanao that the region has it all at an affordable price where you can stretch your dollars.

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