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Travel and Tourism in Palawan


Map of Palawan

Map of Palawan

Sparsely populated is the term to keep in mind when plotting your itinerary for a trip to Palawan.

The area surrounding Palawan is blessed with a fantastic setting for diving and is the perfect base for underwater exploration. Although the island has a “Last Frontier ” reputation , all the delights of Palawan are available to the traveler via boat or plane connections from Manila and a few other parts of the Philippines. Flights into Palawan from Manila are just over an hour long via Puerto Princesa. There are two smaller airports further north in Palawan in addition to the capital city facility.

The Cradle of the Philippine Civilization

The Tabon Cave Complex is the site where evidence of the earliest man in Philippine history has been discovered. The skull , jawbone and teeth date back as much as 22,000 to 23000 years. A number of other artifacts including “The Tabon Man’s” tools and an ancient burial jar have set this area apart as a National Cultural Treasure know as “The Cradle of Civilization .” Palawan roughly resembles a closed umbrella shape and spans around two hundred miles of primarily rugged terrain. The Northern tip is situated near Borneo where land bridges could be found linking the two islands allowing immigrants and Chinese traders to reach and settle on the shores of the Philippines. At the outbreak of World War 11, Japanese Imperial forces occupied the island. There are many areas of historical and cultural significance to include in your itinerary for a trip to Palawan.


Palawan a Nature Sanctuary of the World

The crystal blue water in seven lakes has been acclaimed “the cleanest waters in the Philippines.”

Your itinerary for a trip to Palawan would not be complete without a memorable visit to Coron.

Famous World War 11 shipwrecks make Coron in Palawan a haven for divers all over the world. These waters are irresistible for deep sea fishing, swimming and snorkeling as well. Other vacation ideas of importance for an island hopping excursion would be El Nido Palawan composed of islands and inlets each having their very own unique features. There are so many natural beauties to discover that you may want to start your exploration of Palawan long before the trip. Make plans while you are there to welcome one of the new seven wonders of nature, the underground river near Puerto Princesa.

Province of Palawan Local Customs

If Christmas is a favorite Holiday that is dear to your heart then you must plan your itinerary for a trip to Palawan during the celebration. This is a very lovely time in Puerto Princesa . Palawan turns into a Christmas island with fiestas, cultural events and even a decorate your tricycle contest. An important thing to know before you go is that Palawan has rubbish bins everywhere . Never throw anything on the streets, it’s illegal. It is said that the warm hospitality of the Palawenos keeps visitors longer than they intended. The serenity you find here will guarantee the adventure and relaxation that you need.


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