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The Philippines

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Map of the Philippines

Map of the Philippines

If you have ever dreamed of spending your Holidays in the Philippines then pack your bags and get prepared to travel light hearted because every Filipino stands ready to greet you with the warm smile of a fun loving and freedom loving people . More than likely you will no sooner than arrive when you will be asked “Have you eaten?” Tell me can you honestly think of a more inviting way to say hello?

Cultural differences in the Philippines

You have now just encountered a land geographically, culturally and spiritually apart from the mainland. Much to your surprise , you should be able to leave that translation material at home and vacation with the ease of knowing that one of the great things about the Philippines is that they are the third largest English speaking country in the world.

Islands in the philippines

Now hopefully you have been able to set aside a decent amount of time for your journey as the islands of the Philippines total a little over 7000. Many of which are undiscovered. Even with just a small amount of island hopping you will definitely want to experience many different terrains from the amazing beaches clad in your choice of black, brown, gray, white and pink sand to the mountainous ancient rice terraces in the northern Philippines. So weather you are an adrenalin junkie, romantic of heart or a bird watcher, holidays in the Philippines definitely invites you to the most unforgettable time of your life.

In Boracay which can easily be reached from Manila, the firework display at Christmas and New Years is a must see spectacular. The accommodations in Boracay also range from a budget itinerary in the Philippines to the up most of luxury settings.

Tourists attractions in the Philippines

The best months to plan your holidays in the Philippines are December through May Although there is always a fiesta somewhere and you are always welcome to join in, a greater focus is placed on the religious holidays such as Easter, Holy week and Christmas.

You will notice in many cities around Manila the strong influence of Catholicism in the very old and unique churches. Basilica del San Sebastian with its unusual design is tagged as being earthquake proof. Although the many breathtaking volcano cones that can be seen about the islands of the Philippines have been non active since the late 1940.s, this must have been a great reassurance back when the Basilica was constructed.

sightseeing attractions

In the city of Tagaytay you could actually go via boat out to the Taal volcano, a well known tourist attraction. You may hear a lot of celebrity talk about this breathtaking island. Filipino celebrities can besited vacationing here and often build their vacation get a way’s on this island know for its drooling fruits and tasty quinine. Just keep in mind all of this can be yours to enjoy at a very affordable price.

Planning Holidays in the Philippines could just be an unforgettable way to say Happy Holidays.


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