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Travel and Tourism in Visayas


Map of visayas

Map of visayas

Visayas Philippines is the fulfillment of every travelers dream vacation. The region is made up of about 6000 islands ,many of which are unmarked on the map and their names only known by the natives. When charting your itinerary for a trip in the Visayas , keep in mind that Cebu in central Visayas is the transport hub of this region. You may fly directly into Cebu without having to pass through Manila. Many international airlines with connections to major and minor Asian cities service the Queen City.

Several areas in the Visayas may also be reached via boat from Manila or ports in Mindanao. Super Cat are fast hydrofoils from Cebu to various cities in the Visayan region. If your plans include taking the taxi, you may want to bargain the price with the driver first as most taxis do not have meters.

Most Favorite Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Your itinerary for a trip in the Visayas will most assuredly be more fun to plan than any trip you have taken. Spanish influence remains to this day in the architecture and Christianity of this region. The tourist attractions are practically infinite in this most popular island group. This paradise is well known the world over for magnificent natural attractions and pristine white beaches. A mixture of peoples, customs and languages are found here. Cebuano is the main language spoken however, the English language stands as the medium for business and trade. The Philippines rank as the third largest English speaking country in the world . Pilipino people were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders.

Adrenaline Junky , Nature Lover or Sun Worshiper, Come One Come All

Western Visayas is the number one on the itinerary for a trip in the Visayas. This region is composed of six provinces , with a combination of interesting history and natural beauty. The world famous tropical paradise of Boracay is located in the region. Each of these regions have very unique attractions to offer and is full of interesting travel ideas. Eastern Visayas is well known for the natural beauty of the area. Many prehistoric artifacts have been found there in the Sohouton caves . If you are off to a diving holiday in the Philippines, make Southern Visayas your first choice. Underwater Photographers will have no end of scenic coral gardens and dazzling marine life to snap away at. The diving is the absolute best.

Colorful Culture

Mid January in Cebu marks the Sinulog Festival or dance of worship to the Christ child. This huge cultural event is the grandest and most colorful Mardi Gras in the country. The University of Visayas among many other schools will present a cultural show at the festival. This year will also celebrate 75 years of Cebu City earning the status of an independent and chartered city. This beautiful Christian ceremony is a definite positive on your itinerary for a trip in the Visayas.


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