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Travel and Tourism in Boracay

September 12, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Map of boracay

Map of boracay

When charting your travel itinerary to the Philippines, definitely set aside ample time for an unforgettable stopover in Boracay. Your visit can be outlined on an affordable budget and you will still feel like a happy carefree islander. Flights are the most preferred choice of transportation to the island and can take just under an hour to the only port of entry which is Caticlan from Manila or Cebu.

The Bangka pump boats consistently ferry passengers back and forth to Boracay from sunrise to sunset The journey takes only about fifteen minutes. For those who are not flyers, there are slower cruisings and less expensive methods of arrival.

The Pride of the Philippines

The island may have gotten the name from and old local Philippine word “borac”, which means cotton. This word would certainly describe the main four kilometers Boracay Beach famous for powdery soft white sands and lined with breathtaking open armed coconut trees.

Boracay lies off the tip of Panay where it is sheltered from the fierce easterly typhoon. It remained an undiscovered hideaway until 1970 when it was believed to have been discovered accidentally by a foreign film crew. Today this sugar sand beaches and warm Filipino atmosphere are the heart throb for all variety of tourist. Still the serene ambiance of the island commands respect from all who carefully tailor their travel itinerary for this tropical heaven paradise.

So Much To Do and So Little Time

Boracay is the ideal island paradise vacation. In National Geographic for example, you will see breathtaking scenes including interesting information about the island. Be sure to witness the most fabulous sunset that you have ever seen and you will just know that the night is going to be spectacular. Catch a tricycle driver and have him head for one of the island bars called “The Old Jungle Bar” for the full moon party monthly ceremony. It has been celebrated for years and is quite a spectacular happening that lasts through the night. Make sure to tailor your travel itinerary very carefully and include some of the most special events that you will want to take in. The island hosts many popular sporting events and relaxing fun things for the entire family. Whether your interests include music, sports competitions, an adrenaline surge or simply relaxation this tropical heaven has it all.

resort in boracay - island bars

resort in boracay – island bars

A Warm and Friendly People

The Filipino people are very laid back and will make you feel right at home. Waiters will go out of their way to please you. Locals may offer you massage, seafood, or quick snacks while strolling along the beach. They will most generally remember your face and not ask you more than once. The beauty of the island is perfect for a wedding trip if this is one of the main events in your travel itinerary.

Filipino people are natural hosts and make and go out of their way to make certain you feel welcome and this makes it so hard to now say good bye.

How to get to Boracay

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