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Travel and Tourism in Manila

March 1, 2013 Mary Towns to visit

Map of Manila

Map of Manila

Manila is the capital of Luzon and the hub of the nation. The busy metro area is made up of several cities with no actual center. When planning your travel itinerary in the Philippines it will be important to know some things about this bustling metropolis. Manila is the melting pot of all cultures that formed the Philippines. Tagalog is the official language of the area but English is very much used and considered the second language. Manila city is part of a greater metropolis of Metro Manila and is also referred to as the capital of the Philippines. Transportation to the area is easily accessible. The airport is serviced by all major international flights. Once you arrive, arrangements can be made via plane, boat or even ground transport to many other Philippine locations. Inner city travel is important to plan for your trip to Manila.

Yesterday and Today

The metropolis can be viewed as a giant melting pot of all culture that has touched the Philippines. It is a delightful mixture of the old and the new. Century old buildings stand alongside new statuesque skyscrapers and quaint street malls next to modern day shopping malls. A horse drawn buggy may be your choice mode of transportation or the rail transits. Your travel itinerary should definitely include a trip to Intramuros, a Latin name given the inner oldest part of the city meaning, within the walls. Among the many historical treasures found here is the biggest cathedral in the country.

Intramuros manila


A View From The Bay

One of the most amazing views of the Manila skyline can be seen from the Manila Bay area and is a great picture spot to include in your travel itinerary. Malate, bordered by the Bay on the west, is the home of a most beautiful fountain in the Ralph Sulayman Park, another fantastic photo location. Ask someone there for directions to the Manila Bay Cafe, formerly known as the world famous L.A Cafe Manila, a freelancers club open 24 hours and often frequented by famous people. This district is also home to the first Philippine sports stadium.

The Manilano People

The Pilipino people love to play games of a sporting nature. Gambling is not new to the Manilano. The new casino currently under construction in the bay is expected to bring in thousands of tourists.

Cock fighting is a passion and probably the biggest national sport. It brings in about one billion dollars a year. The fighting cocks are trained about two years for the fight. The average commercial chicken that is raised for eating purpose has a life expectancy of about forty five days. In town, the climate is always humid. The temperature rarely goes below 77 degrees so when planning your travel itinerary, keep comfort in mind. Sleeveless shirts, cotton material, shorts, sandals and very lightweight dress clothing are advisable.

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